A Ruby-on-Rails starter kit

Whereas Rails default app leaves you with a blank page, Bootrails starts with admin, authentication, design system, test coverage, and blogging already enabled

Currently Ruby 3.1.2, Rails, Bootstrap 5.2.1

What's inside

All classics, already designed

Lightweight, customizable, Bootstrap 5 theme already integrated. All pages like landing, pricing, blogging, already exist. Focus on content first. Cut off weeks of design efforts.

page examples

Blogging enabled

Marketing could be the most important part of your app. The marketers can blog immediately, whereas your first lines of code will be about added value.


Authentication flow

Bootrails relies on the most advanced Ruby authentication gem : rodauth. We already designed and integrated account creation, reset password flow, account deletion, and so on.

authentication screen

Admin Dashboard

A private space for you and your teammates. Built from Rails scaffolding, but redesigned so that non-techie can actually use it. Create, Read, Update and Delete any resource.

admin example

Customer profile

There is a private space for each customer : the profile page. Where they can change their name, email, password, and so on. This is also where you can plug payment solutions like Stripe.

customer profile screen

Continuous Integration

Rely on CircleCI, so that each kind of test runs each time you push a new commit to any branch of your Git-based repository. One more thing you won't have to set up.

CircleCI image
Why most devs don't launch their apps: By the time you pick your CSS library, theme, auth provider, CI/CD service... ... you are tired, forgot your idea, and have lost all motivation to build your app.
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Key benefits

Easier coding

Our code was written from Rails scaffolders, which are the most standard and basic way to write Ruby-on-Rails code. Get an easy onboarding code right away.

Easier marketing

Marketing could be the most important part of your application, so we enabled SEO and blogging, as well as e-mailing, so that getting your first customers will be a lot easier.

Stronger motivation

Spare time and energy for the only thing that matters : added value. You will not have to waste your precious time for boring features every website already has.


Better collaboration

The admin dashboard is human-friendly, so that anyone can CRUD data. Show the CEO a working version from day 1, and build things together.


Safest technologies

Heroku, Bootstrap, SCSS, VanillaJS... The most boring technologies has been chosen for you, so that you are sure *not* to walk alone at any time. StackOverFlow will always help.

More accessibility

We care about accessibility (a11y) a lot, so you will not miss any user. Stay above competitors, show quality everywhere it matters.

Launch your idea today

If you're not satisfied with Bootrails within 15 days, you'll be refunded.

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