A Ruby-on-Rails starter kit

Whereas Rails default app leaves you with a blank page, Bootrails starts with admin, authentication, design system, test coverage, and blogging already enabled

All classics, already designed

Lightweight, customizable, Bootstrap 5 theme already integrated. All pages like landing, pricing, blogging, already exist. Focus on content first. Cut off weeks of design efforts.

Admin CRUD

Thanks to Rails scaffolding, but redesigned so that non-techie can actually use it. Create, Read, Update and Delete any resource.

Authentication flow

Bootrails relies on the most advanced Ruby authentication gem : rodauth. We already designed and integrated account creation, reset password flow, account deletion, and so on.

Continuous Integration

Rely on CircleCI, so that each kind of test runs each time you push a new commit to any branch of your Git-based repository. One more thing you won't have to set up.

CircleCI image
Skip first weeks of development. Focus on added value today.

Continuous Integration

Rely on CircleCI, already configured for your new Rails application, in order to link it to your Git repository. Hence all linting and tests will run each time you push your commits.

Tests included

Easy end-to-end testing thanks to cypress and the cypress-rails gem. Also : security, unit, and JavaScript tests already written for you. 100% coverage from the start. What else ?

Blogging enabled

Write and promote your content from the first day, without the need of any external tool. You can also edit HTML pages. And start the marketing part from day 1.


Top-notch Authentication

Instead of constantly tweaking Devise or Clearance, we rely on the robust and extensible rodauth gem to authenticate users and make your application fully secure from start.



Who has access to which resource ? Profit from clean, tested, customizable access management. Thanks to the pundit gem, already plugged and configured.


Beautiful admin

Rely on gem administrate, but with a complete UI redesign. You have both delightful screens, and a community-based, robust admin panel.



We're aware of the multiple JS frameworks that exist, we're also aware of the new Hotwire trend. However Bootrails has only simple JavaScript so that you're free to choose what works best for you.


Modern frontend

ViteJS is already set up for dev and production. Every kind of asset (images, fonts, css...) already works - with examples. Customize CSS elegantly with SaSS.

Bootstrap 5

Customisable, extensible, beautiful default Bootstrap v5 theme. Originally forked from Bootiful. Form validations and flash messages already integrated.

Launch your idea today

If you're not satisfied with Bootrails within 15 days, you'll be refunded.

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