About Us

Shino  Ruby-on-Rails developer, and designer

Shino is a new Ruby-on-Rails developer, currently building and designing the Blog and Bootrails itself. You can keep in touch via Twitter. Warning, most discussions will be around Rails ! @ShinoKouda

David  Ruby-on-Rails developer, and writer

David is a JavaScript and Ruby-on-Rails developer, writing things, and currently building Bootrails. You'll probably have some discussion around testing with him. Keep in touch via Twitter : @bdavidxyz

About Bootrails

Bootrails is born after years of practicing Rails.

Ruby-on-Rails is a great free, open-source Framework.

Here are the some incredible things we discovered with Rails, that are still amazing nowadays :

  • ActiveRecord. A very neat API to abstract SQL.
  • The developer's console. A powerful way to inspect the bowels of your app.
  • Routes. Convention-over-configuration principle makeEvery HTTP route is
  • Ruby syntax. It is both concise and easy to read
  • The community and ecosystem is strong and vibrant.
  • And many other things that make the dev's every working day a breeze.

With this principles and adoption, you can deliver added value at fast pace. Like no other framework, even in the JavaScript world.

However, there are also bad things with Rails. Notably the lack of transparency about the roadmap.

Also, some key features are badly missing :

  • No authentication
  • No authorization
  • No way to edit HTML
  • No admin
  • No blog
  • No UI Design
  • No test example
  • No Continuous Integration

Bootrails is simply a wrapper around the "rails new" command, so that you can start with all these missing features

Please read the why section.

Contact us

Contact us if you have any questions.

Send us an e-mail at :

shinokouda.jp at gmail.com