Ruby-on-Rails and AlpineJS tutorial

AlpineJS is a very promising JavaScript tool for already-rendered HTML. It sounds an awfully good fit for Ruby-on-Rails. Let's dive in.

Posted June 9, 2022 - tagged ruby-on-rails

5 min read

How to define and use a Ruby hash

A Ruby hash is a way to store and structure data. Let's see how to define a hash and how to use it. And the main methods and operations, through examples.

Posted June 2, 2022 - tagged ruby

6 min read

Ruby-on-Rails and VueJS tutorial

Ruby-on-Rails for the backend part, and some VueJS into your views. This short tutorial helps you to put pieces together.

Posted May 30, 2022 - tagged ruby-on-rails

6 min read

Rails 8 : unreleased features

Rails 8 has not yet a release date at this time of writing. What kind of feature could be fun in the (future) Ruby-on-Rails 8 release ? Let's dream.

Posted May 23, 2022 - tagged ruby-on-rails

6 min read

Ruby pattern matching

If you are not familiar with the pattern matching feature in Ruby, this article is a good recap of the basics and it also includes some useful tips for developers.

Posted May 19, 2022 - tagged ruby

Last update : April 19, 2022 5 min read

Ruby-on-Rails : Le Wagon, a review

Ruby-on-Rails : everything you should know before joining a Web Development Bootcamp, and my own review of Le Wagon.

Posted May 17, 2022 - tagged ruby-on-rails

Last update : April 17, 2022 5 min read

Ruby, the self keyword

In this article we will explore the self keyword of the Ruby language

Posted May 12, 2022 - tagged ruby

6 min read

How to use Rails flash messages

How to effectively use and implement flash messages with Ruby-on-Rails

Posted May 9, 2022 - tagged ruby-on-rails

6 min read

How to get a random number in Ruby

Let's see how to get a random number in Ruby

Posted May 5, 2022 - tagged ruby

2 min read

Kill Rails server : a how-to guide

How to kill your Rails server ? This could happen if your Rails server is buggy, and restart is not possible.

Posted May 2, 2022 - tagged ruby-on-rails

4 min read

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