How to customize your app

Environment variable

Create a .env file at the root of your application, locally. Add a line as follow :

The value will not work of course, however it could be enough in development or test mode, where emails are actually not sent by default.

On Heroku, environment variables can be added/viewed under the "settings" tab of the dashboard. Click "reveal config vars". And add the APP_EMAIL_FROM with a real email address (see below).

External Email provider is required

Why ? The user needs to verify the account or reset password. These actions are possible only if there is a professional email provider configured.

You must configure your application with a professional email provider like MailChimp or PostMark.

Bootrails is not bound to any of them so feel free to pick the one you prefer. (MailChimp, MailGun, PostMark, etc.)

Then add relevant configuration in config/environments/production.rb (development and test do not need to be changed, so preferably to not change application.rb)

Meta data

Change config/meta.yml data according to your needs

Open customer portal

Connect as customer ( / Mysecret+1234), and go to the /profile/billing page. "Open customer portal" is not bound to any portal. Add a relevant link here.

Customer settings

All customer preferences under /profile/preference are here as example, are also saved in database. But are not mapped to any actual newsletter or course. Build your own customer preferences, and map them to something relevant to your own businness.

Admin KPI

The KPIs on the admin default page (/admin) are hard-coded, feel free to change them according to your needs.

Landing page

CSS can be changed under app/frontend/scss/landing.scss Text and image can be changed under app/views/home/*.html.erb

Other pages

Other public pages (about, credits, etc) are accessible from app/views/home. They have some default content you will have to modify, of course.


Some parts of the HTML may be modified by an administrator. By default, the big quote on the landing page, and the "terms and condition" page can me modified from the admin. To see how the HTML is injected, see app/views/page/terms.html.erb, and app/controllers/page_controller.rb. Feel free to add or remove "editables" parts wherever you want.