Answers to frequently asked questions.

What is Bootrails ?

Bootrails is a Ruby-on-Rails starter kit.

It's a standard Ruby-on-Rails app, minimalistic, with all dependencies up-to-date.

Bootrails is here to help you to remove the weeks (if not monthes) of classic developer's problem, so that you can focus on businness problems.

Why wouldn't I build these things myself ?

It's actually a good idea to build and glue all these features together... if you have the time to do so.

If you are a Rails freelancer, we actually strongly advise you to build it as a side project.

But if you want to test your idea quickly, using a full-stack framework may not be enough : boilerplate code and classic features may require a lot of time to install, tweak, and test, whereas other fellow developers has already spent tons of time to deliver friendly, open-source, battle-tested solutions.

Bootrails also includes optimisations like "remove unused CSS", the kind of tweaking you generally add once the project is mature enough - and it could be too late.

Why Ruby-on-Rails does not includes these features by default ?

Good question.

So far Ruby-on-Rails maintainers didn't pushed the tool in this direction.

This can be also seen as an advantage : Rails leave the field wide open for each feature.

For example, for UI design, you are free to choose between Tailwind and Bootstrap.

But too many choices can lead to the paradox of choices

How does it work ?

We give you access to a private repository where there are files, and directory structure already prepared.

Then just follow the README.md instructions.

Your application is ready to be build and deploy, one custom feature at a time.

Do I need 3rd party account ?

3rd party account are optionals. However, it is very likely that you will

  • need some Heroku-like platform to deploy your project in production - Heroku has a nice free-tier.
  • need some e-mail service like ConvertKit or MailChimp, mailing is required for the "forgot password" and "confirm email" features - all these services have a free tier.
  • Google analytics is now illegal in the EU, so try a service like Panelbear, that currently have a free tier.

The only thing you want to buy to get a realistic product online is the domain name, but it's outside the scope of Bootrails.

What are the requirements ?

Ruby should be installed on your machine, as well as NodeJS and Yarn

Here are the tools needed on your local linux-based computer :

$> ruby -v  
ruby 3.1.0p0 // you need at least version 3 here  

$> bundle -v  
Bundler version 2.2.11  

$> npm -v  
8.3.0 // you need at least version 7.1 here  

$> yarn -v  

$> psql --version  
psql (PostgreSQL) 13.1 // let's use a production-ready database locally  

$> foreman -v

$> redis-cli ping

Is Bootrails beginner friendly ?

It's okay if you used Rails a long time ago, or if you just finished a full Ruby-on-Rails tutorial. The main advantage of Rails is that you can grab any new project very quickly, because the structure is always the same.

Even if you know a little about Rails, BootrAils will actually allow you to make some business very quickly.

However, if you're entirely new to Rails, it's safer to learn it elsewhere first.

How much does it cost ?

See our pricing page

Can I contact the creator?

Yes. Send Shino Kouda an E-mail:

🎉 Special offer : 10% off for lifetime license