How to install BootrAils on your computer


$> ruby -v  
ruby 3.1.0p0 // you need at least version 3 here  

$> bundle -v  
Bundler version 2.2.11  

$> npm -v  
8.3.0 // you need at least version 7.1 here  

$> yarn -v  

$> psql --version  
psql (PostgreSQL) 13.1 // let's use a production-ready database locally  

$> foreman -v

$> redis-cli ping

$> redis-server -v
6.0.5 // you will need at least version 4 here

Any upper version should work

Install files

Unzip and copy/paste the "bootrails" directory on you computer.

Now you should have the bootrails app, for example, under ~/workspace/bootrails

Initialize git

$/bootrails> git init

(Optional) Rename the application

Maybe you want a more custom name for you app.

By default, the app is called "bootrails".

If you want to rename it, please read

How to install the application locally

$/bootrails> yarn
$/bootrails> bundle install 
$/bootrails> bin/rails db:create db:migrate db:seed