Local development

How to develop your own features

How to develop features locally

$/bootrails> foreman start -f Procfile.dev

This will start vite server (for the frontend assets) and local Rails server.

How to login to the app

By default, there are 2 users inside your app :

  • An admin, with login "admin@example.com" and password "Mysecret+1234"
  • A customer, with login "customer@example.com" and password "Mysecret+1234"

Once in production, don't forget to create a real admin user, and delete the 2 default ones.

Discover user features of Bootrails

You can launch the e2e test suite, with the visual editor.

bin/rails cypress:open

Once launched, click on "Run all tests" on the top-right corner. This will give you a good overview of Bootrails features, in a user point of view.