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Instead of a blank Ruby-on-Rails app, Start with all the features below already glued together from day 1.

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Solo license 99€Buy for 79€ only
Multiple license Buy for 199€/year Agency license Buy for 299€/year
Payment type One time payment Recurring, paid annually Recurring, paid annually
License applies to One developer One developer One company
Apps creation One app Unlimited apps Unlimited apps
Upgrades ** Last and best version only Unlimited Unlimited
Support Email Email Priority
User-friendly admin
Authentication flow
Customizable Bootstrap 5 theme
Already designed pages
Hot reloading
Cypress testing
Minitest testing
JavaScript testing
100% initial test coverage
HTML page edition
SEO-ready pages
Blogging enabled
Blazing fast rendering *
Continuous Integration***
Test coverage HTML report
Buy for 79€ only Buy for 199€/year Buy for 299€/year

Prices are meant excl. VAT.

* This feature is still under development and may be improved with future updates. The goal is to reach a 100% lighthouse score on each page.

** Upgrades do not apply to already created apps, since the tool is there to create new apps from scratch. Please refer to FAQ below.

*** You will need a free CircleCI account. As long as CircleCI free-tier remains generous, CircleCI will be used because not linked to any Git-like host (GitHub, GitLab, or equivalent).

Frequently asked questions

What is the main benefit of Bootrails ?
Save hours (if not weeks) of development time that would otherwise needed to be spent working on unnecessary, boilerplate code that doesn't make your app unique. Ship to market faster. Keep your motivation as it was the first day, and finish your idea.
Is it risk-free ?
Yes, you have a 15-days free trial.
Should I know Ruby-on-Rails ?
Yes, since Bootrails is a Ruby-on-Rails application. If you already used Rails once, that's enough: Bootrails will be a breeze. For more experienced Rails developers, Bootrails will also save you tons of time. But, if you are completely new to Rails, it's safer to learn it somewhere else first.
Can I make change to the initial codebase ?
Yes, it's precisely what Bootrails is made for. Bootrails overrides the "rails new" command, and builds the necessary files, gems and folders on top of the default ones. Beyond that point, you can customise the new application as you wish.
Can I apply upgrades to existing apps ?
No, because once you started to modify the initial app, there are no guarantee that our upgrades will be compliant with your new code. However for any new app, upgrades will apply.
What gems do you use ?
We are trying to stick to plain old Rails as much as possible, without Hotwire, but with the very last version of Rails 7, Ruby 3, and Bootstrap 5.
A few gems will complete the default stack, there will be soon an full article on the blog.
We are regularly blogging about gems we use in the project. So if you want to stay tuned, visit the blog and sign up for email updates.

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